Product Design

Sucklord: Suckeletor

Created for Sucklord’s Suckadelic Show at Munky King in LA. 40 + artists invited to modify the “Sucklord 600” vinyl figure. The eyes, brain, and body all light up with LEDs. the brain pulses with a color change from red to green. Closeup, The eyes glow in the dark, too, so when the light turns out, they glow green for a bit. The skeleton was etched into the black paint, scratchboard style. The figure is held together at the waist with magnets, so the internals are accessible. the little button on his crotch makes his eyes light up. The backpack holds the batteries. It’s removable, too, but still attached by the wires. It comes with a detachable “try me button” skull boom box. Viewers can use the buttons to light up the figure when it is in the package, and remove the piece to use the real buttons when it’s out of the package. In the package, the light saber in the background lights up when you press the button. It’s a real laser pointer. The figure is about 5 in. high, and the package is 10 x 13 in.